01 October 2009

Time for another

Month full of facts!

Special about Today:

It's World Vegetarian Day!
--Free rural delivery of mail began in the United States, October 1, 1896.
-First "Model T" Ford put on the market, October 1, 1908.
--Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, born in Plains, Ga., October 1, 1924.


-October is the 10th month of our year.

-The 8th in the Roman calendar, and therefore, acquired it's name, October, from "Octo(Latin)"

-In the nineteenth century, the month of October was dedicated to the devotion of the rosary in Roman Catholic countries.

-By the Slavs it is called “yellow month,” from the fading of the leaf; to the Anglo-Saxons it was known as Winterfylleth, because at this full moon (fylleth) winter was supposed to begin.

- The Saxons called it Wyn Monath because it was the season of wine making.

-October's birthstone is the opal, thought to have the power to predict illness. This is because the opal responds to heat. If you are sick your temperature increases before signs of illness appear. The increased body heat causes the opal to lose its shine, leaving it dull and lacking color. It is also said that the opal will crack if it is worn by someone who was not born in October.

-Its birth flower is the calendula

-Aside from October being the month that hosts Halloween, it also hosts National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So remember this

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