12 April 2009

The biggest Sunday Celebration of the Year!

these are my feelings from Today, and Last Sunday. i wrote last Sundays down and posted them

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

"How Great, is Our God. Sing with me How Great is Our God. And all will see how Great, how Great is Our God."

How Great he is! He has risen from his cold stoned Death on this Day. we salute him to this. Today was a great day though, I'm alive, so are my family and friends, Grins got baptized this morning at Church(:, i get to live to see another birthday tomorrow, Dad's birthday was today and just everything is amazing! But, i have a mission: find everyone in the worlds birthday. because, i have this thought that out of 365/366 days, there is ONE day that NO ONE was born on! so, i have to see if that is true now!

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

I take back all of those things I ever said/thought that were complaints. I'm selfish, and now I know it. man, i used to think my life was so HORRIBLE up to November of 2008, but it's really not, i really do have a lot! i mean, some kids dont even know if they're going to have food, a place to live, a clean bed to sleep in, or even another day to LIVE, some have to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives with a fatal disease, that makes their social life miserable. (trust me, i know a little about that.) but the point is, I'm selfish, everyone is, and do you know why? because we tell one sin, and let it expand and expand and expand! but here's the absolute truth, and i am NOT afraid to state it. Jesus was sent to this Earth to be born, and then to die. Sounds pretty odd, doesnt it? but this was his purpose. JESUS WAS SENT HERE TO DIE FOR OUR SINS. Imagine that, US! People he didnt even KNOW! people who werent and arent even BORN yet! he died for US! he was judged, beaten, taken prisoner, beaten AGAIN(almost to death.), made to carry his own cross while BEING beaten, and then NAILED to it, for the whole city to watch him sufferin pain and then LAUGH in his FACE!! he did all of that for us:his faith, his father, and his purpose, his love for us. and how do we sit here, so ungrateful towards him? after all he did for us! i'm ashamed of myself, i'll admit it with my heart! i dont deserve HALF of it, but he DID it! and it's because of him that we do not have to burn in the fiery pits of Hell for our sins if we accept his Grace. what a GREAT God that we have!

Song of the Day: God of this City(No one like our God)

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