27 April 2009


okay. so i haven't been able to join the Church Choir yet.
but i have practice tomorrow. (:
excuse me for the long time of no updates.
there hasnt been much time.
but here are the details of last week
Mon-Friday--------------were oKAy.
Saturday-----------------AWESOME!!!!!!! read below.
we went to the EarthConcert and there were AHMAZING bands there!
1. Ashleigh Marie
2. The Redding Shift<3
3. Marsh Elder
4. Recycling Puppet Show
5. Micheal Jacobs
6.Brother Tree
7.The Swear
8. Dangerous New Machine
the best to me were The Redding Shift, Brother Tree, Micheal Jacobs, and DNM!
DNM was AWESOME! (disfact the two drunken bisexual whores in front of me.)

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