10 April 2009

instructions...aren't so easy to read.

here we go. these are the people that well, i'm going to be speaking...eh, a LOT of.
Ashasta: my mother, the woman who gave me life, and a shoulder to lean on.

KJoppo: one of my BEST friends, who has helped me thro SO much that I don't even know WHERE to begin. but, i will. someday.

JJoppo and Mute: another of my BEST friends, and her veryyy soon to be boyfriend. (who hardly ever talks.)

COMIC: My faJa(:

GenerationSwap & N/A: Grandmother, and her best friend

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  1. This generationSwap&N/A thinks your off to a great start,we will both enjoy reading and staying connected with you,love you and keep up the good work!!!