01 May 2009


you've gotta hate it, sometimes love it.

1. Hate it: when it rains EVERYday, without fail. and tornadoes are in every county surrrounding you and you are stuck in a home by yourself.

2. Isnt it supposed to be good? like the perfect essential to the romantic kiss.


BOY gets out of car, seeing GIRL. he runs to her, grabs her into the perfect-kiss-in-the-rain scene. Huge Lightning strikes, and shocks the BOY to his death, dying in the girl's arms.

haha, that's my luck.

i'm in a kind of pessimistic mood today.

maybe because it hasnt been the best of weeks, including last week.

oh well, life has its ups, life has its downs.

(: GenerationSwap has started a WONDERFUL little blog( Kudos to that)

well, JJoppo is Sunnyland(lucky little grr)

Life goes on.

well man it's been nice to skip school today and its time to turn in almost.


  1. Dear,your luck is good,cheer up!!!! Thank's for the compliment, I was going to tell you when I saw you,about my blog.

  2. i like it, it makes me laugh. it's good.

  3. Rain,,rain,rain,it keeps on going,and u get wet wet,wet