11 May 2009

decisions, decisions, decisions.

As you all know( if you follow my blog.) i have been in a turmoil of deciding if i do, or do not want to keep this( gosh, it sounds like my baby.) well, i do. it will take time, but i'm going to take it. But, lets shed some light on a nicer things. i have had few relationships in my years, 4 out of 6 failed because of number able reasons only we two knew. but, since it's been awhile since my past relationship, i have decided to open my heart again to Mop-Headed Wonder Teen, which is taking a PRETTY big step since i have shielded my heart heavily in the past year and a half, letting few in and VERY few close. He just doesn't know my feelings yet, not sure that it's going to be very easy to tell him....but...wish me luck!


  1. Wishing you a big luck on all decisions.

  2. Let him come to you. Don't lay your cards on the table. Boys love the thrill of the chase.

  3. I say keep on running,you have lots of time,many other things to do,places to go,many people to meet,along the way,love you just the way u are.u have many dreams to dream yet!