24 May 2009

memories and adventures in MouseCatching

wow. first, lets start with Memories

Have you ever had one of those days where just the faintest smell of something would transport you back to that moment it happened whether it be good or bad? Where maybe the smell of a certain ingredient would bring back Grandmaw's Infamous Cookie Recipe? Or maybe the smell of The Ocean takes you to the time when you were a child, letting the waves crash over you in laughter? Well, i had one of those experiences tonight. I was dragging out the 3 huge boxes of Barbies and their Accessories to sort through to give to the little 7 year old neighbor of Mom's and mine, when suddenly i ran across these

Just a pair of a Barbie sofa set, but the smell of them is so memory-filled that it brought tears to my eyes, and i laid on the hardwood floor, hugging every piece of it to my heart. Or maybe these as i pulled them out of the box, smiling.

1994 Wal-Mart Special Edition Toothfairy Barbie
1996 Birthday Barbie
1997 Holiday Barbie

1999/2000 Millenium Princess Barbie (When everyone thought the world was going to end. What do you know, it's almost a decade later!)
And yet, of course, for the 1st time since Christmas Eve of 2004, the tabby cat prances out of the garage, holding something in his smirking and proud little mouth. But what, is this wonderous thing? A what? A MOUSE!!!?? who would have guessed?! and who, but the animal lover has to clean up the poor fellow's trail after begging COMIC to "not kill it! Let it live....OUTSIDE! It has a reason too you know!"
Therfore, I would like to hear some of your stories. On either subject, give or take?


  1. What a great post! Yes it is so true that the sense of smell has the longest memory. A couple of christmas's ago I was out shopping and saw some wreath's.I walked past looking when all of a sudden,there it was,the smell that took me back to christmas's past. In that moment I was 5 years old again,I closed my eyes and drefted to a more innocent time, one when"all was right"with the world. I could not drag myself from that glorious scent. For I knew if I moved I would be transported back to this harsh reality.I stood there a moment longer as if saying "goodbye" to an old friend that I would never see again,when n/a called out to me. Reality set in and we went back to shopping. But I believe it will come again,all those wonderful memories and happy times will be forever once we get to glory. But first you have a million more memories to make for the rest of your life and the best is yet to be. About the "mouse tales" I think you have heard most of mine and been there for some. Sorry this comment is so long,you just took me down memory lane,thanks.

  2. That reminds me of the time the same cat brought in the mouse and it headed straight down the hall to where you and your Nanny had bedded down Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. :-)