12 May 2009

This hurts.

Things are pretty shaky right now. And i need to be with my best friend. with KJoppo.... She spent SO much of her heart after Orange...and.....he just...doesn't feel it back....and she doesn't need to be hurt anymore. and yes, it is Teenage hormones, taking over our bodies while sleep, but she just wants someone! she just NEEDs to get that feeling of being loved. and....Gah, i love her so much, i'd do ANYTHING for her(I am NOT like that! perfectly straight!) BOTTOM POINT::::: it just really SUCKS!! and i want my buddy to finally be happy! She deserves it.


  1. You both deserve to be happy,and you will. But I have to say it, the day will come when you realize you were happiest now.

  2. Happiness comes from within. Nobody else can MAKE you happy. If you're not happy alone, you won't be happy WITH someone.

  3. All good comes to those who wait,and u will realize u are happiest right now.