26 September 2009

Many Roads

There are many roads in life we can take.
We can take the High Road, or the Detour.
I choose the High Road.
I choose to not fight, and to tell my friends just to be happy for me for finding a boy that actually CARES about me.
They just don't understand.
That phrase "Hoes over Bros."
That's how it's supposed to be.

-And then there's the New Begginings Road.
Currenty, this road holds, my cousin and her brand new baby girl(of whom which I will finally get to see tomorrow, yay!), and, Granny(Who is taking a long road trip with a friend, in miles of travel)

1 comment:

  1. It is always nice to have someone, but at least consider what your friends have to say. They may know something you don't. Simply listening doesn't mean their opinion has to influence yours. And that goes for many, many situations in life. Boys, alcohol, drugs, etc. Peer "opinions" are one thing. Peer "pressure" is quite another. You are a beautiful, intelligent young woman, and I know you will do the right thing. You always have. I am always very proud of you.