09 September 2009

Wednesday Wish

Alright, so...as we all know, today is the release(long, and waited) of BEATLES ROCK BAND!

I think, this is the greatest game ever invented. Ever!

Of course, there's going to be a few things about my favorite, and the best band that ever was. Here goes:::

In July of 1957, John met Paul. Paul invited George to watch, and he agreed and joined the band in 1958. They acquired a drummer, named Colin Hanton, but he left, and they soon picked up( after many other replacements) in 1962, a lovely man who was great with drumsticks named, Richard Starkey(Ringo Starr) they later went on to record many AMAZING songs that filled the ears of the nation, and left millions of girls in tears and wails of happiness and delight. And, on April 10, 1970....the Beatles departed.
There as, the Wednesday Wish
Truly, I wish the Beatles were back together, making much much more music for us to love and sing along to, but seeing as the departures of John and George, leaving this world, this will never be. We can only sit back, and enjoy the vinyl.


  1. My wish for you is, I wish that were possible!!

  2. They were a huge influence to generations of artists and fans. One of the all time greats.