01 June 2009

2 missed calls and an invitation to spend the night


There is this "friend" that i have. Not that i can really call her that anymore. since--

She constantly makes fun of me

Finds pleasure in making me cry

Never sticks up for me when someone hurts me

Uses me

You ask why i put up with this?

I care about people too much sometimes

But no more!

I'm a strong person, i don't let people walk all over me, but i try to keep my very opinionated mouth closed to keep me out of trouble, but this is too far. Best Friends...Sisters..."Besties" they don't do that, i know, because KJoppo and JJoppo are the proof. The TRUE proof.

I was always there for her, always had her back, made her laugh when people talked bad about her. And what do i get? NOTHING BUT DISRESPECT!

it's over for our friendship. No buts, no whys, no "How could you?" and no tears.

I'm turning off my phone, If she calls, she'll leave a voicemail.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry for the betrayal,pick your friends very carefully.Time reveals all.