02 June 2009


i can already tell that this week is going to be a tough one. She keeps calling, and I haven't told her yet, because i've got so much going on. And i really do want to continue being friends with her, but she'd have to change, and i don't like to change people. so....it can't be..... or i could just tell her that "I want to take a break from our friendship. I need to figure some things out."

To A Happier Subject;;;;;

Friday night, JJoppo and I spent the night at KJoppo's house. I love those little days when we're just laughing about stupid little things until 4 am, and then getting up at 8. Keeping those little days in my head is what cheers me up at these tough decisions. And then there's the whole

JJoppo looks over at me from hearing me smacking a little too loudly on a pizza crust, and looks at the clock on her phone. "It's 3:27 in the MORNING! Do you EVER stop munching?! How do you EAT so MUCH?! And stay so thin?! Grrrr!"

You have to love those two, even if you don't know them, I have a feeling you will through stories. Lots, and Lots of Stories.

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