09 June 2009

Dear Friends,,,,

Like I said I would, in later times, I am FINALLY posting about my best friends! Well, first off, I'm typing in blue because that is one of their favorite colors. so, here we go.

I could never ask for a better friend than them. KJ has NEVER betrayed me, (and yes, I have had a LOT of betrayls from so called, "friends") But she has ALWAYS been there, through EVERYTHING. Always there when I needed a shoulder to cry on, and always there to provide a long laugh when she didn't have a reason to laugh. She has been through so much, and lived. We both have. And quite a few of it has been together. And, JJoppo can always cheer her up, whereas I can't not sometimes. But, I have known KJ for almost 3 years, and would do anything in the world for her. I've only know JJ for 2, and would also do anything for her. You just can't find better friends than these too. And I feel SO blessed to call them my sisters,,,,my Padres.... Partners in Crime....Laugh in a Pickle.

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  1. Honey,the true friends will stay a lifetime,all through the good,the bad and the disagreements,thats why we call them.......Sister.