12 July 2009

Adventures in Mouse Catching...Part two

"I don't see what the big deal is. It's just another animal." I said to Ashatasha.

"I don't CARE. Get this varmint off of my porch!"

So, I(rolling my eyes) slid the scrubbing glove that she insisted I use, and picked the poor thing off of the porch, and out of the site of my terrified mother.

Then, attempting to further annoy her fear, picked it up by it's tail and promptly waved it in front of her face, separated only by a glass door, while 5 kittens stared anxiously up at it, licking their lips. Then, laughing, I shoved it in the Wal-Mart bag, tied it, and threw it in the trash. Still laughing, Ashatasha ushered me into the house, shoving my "disease filled" hands into scolding hot water and pouring scented lotion on them, scrubbed like I was on fire.

Now, I have absoultley no problem with rodents, I actually think they're one of the cutest little creatures on Earth. But, I have many stories involving mice (posts soon too follow.)

Maybe that explains my two hour nap, and grogginess today.

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