10 July 2009

sewer cookies

If there is ANYTHING that ticks me off more than mocking my family it's wishing to KILL my two sisters! And boy was I on the verge of a long-spanned axe murdering parade tonight! When MHWT opposed the conversation of "killing" KJ.

MHWT: Cough KJ cough

FLOWER: Scuse me?

MHWT: Come to the dark side

FLOWER: I don't give a rat's *butt* if you have cookies!

MHWT: But they're tasty cookies!

Nah to the uh!

Enough of the ranting.

I'll be back on track soon.

And remember, comments.

I LOVE receiving comments!


  1. MHWT wants to kill KJoppo, and was plotting it very heavily

  2. Flowerchild, I am your Faja. The force is strong in this one..........