14 July 2009

When all else fails, tear apart a Password Journal

Usually, I don't mind when I lose things.

Usually, I can replace them.

Unless they're vintage

Because then they're just too expensive.

But this particular piece of jewelry.

I can't find it.

And I need to.

Because I can't replace it.

And I've looked....everywhere.

No sign.

It's the ring that my cousin RC, sent to me in the early 2000's.

And I loved it.

But somewhere in between the moving of two houses, I seem to have misplaced it.

And I have overturned my room, every single piece of it with a desperate hope of finding it.


And it was the most beautiful ring for a 7 year old child, A Pink Rhinestone Angel with a delicate little golden halo and band.

I really don't know what it is about this ring, but...it's like magic.

Ever since it hasn't been on my finger, I haven't had good luck.

Let's all hope it can be found!


  1. You'll find it. Just keep looking. Emptying drawers may help. Take things out, re-organize. Put them back.