11 July 2009

and the spree continues...

Gah, again with the food.

Popcorn.....Peanut Butter and Honey bowls....ice cream....chocolate bars...basically anything that I can get my hands on without having to go too far into the dark dungeon of terror that I like to call the living room. Yeah, I'm definitly all up for some food right now!

Soon I'm gonna turn into a...only God knows what.

Ah how I love going to GenerationSwap's house!

The sweet smell of food cooking and sound of cracking Pepsi's open.

And of course, my grandmother...http://myaimlessinfatuation.blogspot.com/

Lately, and for quite a few months now, I've been feeling like getting in touch with family that I haven't comminucated with in a decade probably...and boy, does it feel good, just to know that they are still doing okay.

And smelling the refreshing smell of honeysuckle has affected me too.

I just need to take a break.

Enjoy these little things.

Step away from the holds of technology, and just ride, to nowhere really, just away.

Too bad I don't have a car.

But what about you guys?

I want to know about you.

1 comment:

  1. Ok,I want to know what's in all that late night food you are consuming because it is affecting your thinking!.........."And HEARING the refreshing smell of honeysuckle" what's that?LOL