07 July 2009

so very sorry.

Yes...it has been awhile since I actually POSTED.

So very sorry for that.

But here are the updates:::

1.I'm dealing with finding out that two people I care about have two different types of cancer.

2. I'm having to read two books, AND do reports on them.

3. Burn cds.

4. Make, and sell crap.

5. Spend time with Family, and dear friends KJ&JJoppo, which by the way I have not seen JJ in a month.

6. Eat, sleep, and breathe

7. Clean.

8. Read.

9. Pray.

10. Read again.

11. Deal with the fact that I believe I have a thing called Orthostatic Hypotension, and an Acute case of Acute Insomnia.

Sigh...shall I continue?

Here goes the rest of my summer.


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