28 August 2009

Kids say the Darndest Things!

We were outside yesterday evening, playing with Our little neighbor girl (she's 5), lets call her, "Ladybug" and Ashatasha was talking to her mother, and LB, just blurts out(loudly) "Hey everyone stop. stop! Listen! I have some VERRRRRRY important news!" "What?" "(Pause.) I like cheescake! I like it, and daddy does too! We're gonna eat it together!" haha!

And then, one other time, we were riding around on her golfcart, and she asked how old I was, and I replied. She paused, and answered, "That's olllllllllllld....you should have grey hair by now!"


  1. Stings, don't it? I will remind you of that the next time you make reference to me being old......