03 August 2009


The 3rd day of August....ugh...days closer to returning to prison...
Anyway, I'm being haunted...
By those birds who launched attack on me the first time.
I was ouside.
Just sitting.
And they started calling my name!
I am NOT kidding!
I'm seriously not.
They want revenge on me!
Or, maybe I'm just going insane.
Either way.

Interesting things about August::
1. July was named after Julius Caesar...."July"..."Julius". His nephew, Augustus defeated Cleopatra and Marc Antony, so it was said he should have a month named after him also. Hence, "August"...."Augustus"

And August 3rd::
1. It's the 218th day of the year

2. 8/3/1527---First known letter is sent from North America by John Rut while at St. John's, Newfoundland.

3. 8/3/1673---Robert LaSalle builds the Le Griffon, the first known ship built in America.

4. 8/3/ 1783---Mount Asama erupts in Japan, killing 35,000 people.


  1. Looks like I'm going to have to get you a cage to keep you safe from the birds!lol,and I learned something new today. What about the other 10 months?

  2. It appears so! At the end or start of each month, I will do this

  3. EAT them! Go back to meat. There are reasons we eat birds.