21 August 2009

Wouldn't it be nice?

If we could all just take a ride, a 4 or 5 hour one, listening to happy music, and chattering away to our family or friend?

If when we stopped it was in a big, huge open field, lay on the ground and watch the clouds, mocking shapes that they look like and when evening came to gaze at the stars and find the many different constellations?

No worries, just concentration, restlessness, and happiness...

Tell me, how beautifully awesome would that be?

“When the sparrow sings its final refrain, the hush is felt nowhere more deeply than in the heart of man.”

- Don Williams Jr, 1968


  1. You have such beautiful thoughts,that would be great.

  2. Very enlightening post. In the big scheme of things, your family, friends and the simple pleasures in life (not material possessions)are all that matter. Live life to its fullest, laugh often and love with all of your heart. If you realize that already, you are well ahead of the game.....