19 August 2009

Wednesday Wish


Why must things in life be so difficult?

Have to hurt so much? Trust me, you think falling off of a LOT ofhigh places, rolling down brick stairs, and having 5 very painful surgeries hurt, right?


Really, really wrong.

What hurts is seeing the people you care about un-happy and broken-hearted. That hurts more than anything else.

When it hurts to look at your the people you care the most about because their dreams have been ripped right out from under their feet and the breath pumped out of their chests. That is what really hurts.

And, since we're on the subject, let's go ahead and polish this off.

Why are we living like this?
Yes, it IS nice to have a computer, to have electricity, in home toilets.
But seriously, why?
Couldn’t we make it the way they did before all of this stuff?
What was ever wrong with that?
We need lessons. All of us.
Everything was better then!
the 20s, the 30's, the 40's, 50's, 60's, and the 70's
Of course, there was still war, and sex, and drugs, and murder, and logically Rock and Roll, but in this century…the 21st…it’s 5 times worse! I think we all just need to….
Go back to the LOVE that people once shared, Gladly shared with each other. On the days of August 15th through the 18th of 1969, and all of before. What happened to the love? What happened to the peace? The understanding? Now I know that you’re all saying, “Who are you to say this? Your parents had JUST been born! This was 34 years before you were even here!” But I know! I live in that decade. No, body may not, but soul does. And I bet that you could ask people who lived in the good days. Ask them if it was REALLY better then. You have to have a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle who lived then. This is my challenge to you. the one and only thing I ask. Bring your information, and leave it in a comment. It doesn’t matter if you normally READ THIS BLOG.

It’s like the other day, GS was speaking of the old Fisher Theater in Detroit, Michigan. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place, here, and here, it is. But guess what? We’ll never get to see it, because, ignorant little prissy people with sticks stuck up their you-know-what’s can not stand to see something that isn’t “glam” and “gussied up to up-dation” and you know, that’s really, really sad. Because of these people, these nen-com-poops we will never get to see the beauty this place held, for the first time, or to re-live childhood memories. This is what we’ll see. Those are the pictures, the one’s that make it look like a, GS’s words, “Piece of sh..” and we’ve seen the good pictures. Which do YOU prefer? Do you agree that “Something old should be made new?” or that “Past is the past, leave it at that?”It’s something to think about. But take your time, don’t answer in a rush. The past is not a thing to quickly be hushed.

People would leave the past the past, the future the future.
Don't change one single thing.
Let it Be. Let it Be.
This version will give you chills:
Editor's Note(((((((
And don't worry, this will be one of my last complaints...(chuckles) sorry. But it will be. Now it's just going to be happy stuff.

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  1. That was sooooooooo beautiful! I agree with you 100%. I know your still a teen but you are so wise in knowing that there has to be love among all. I hunger for those times again but the best thing from now is YOU! I mean that from the bottom of my heart. There are times I feel you understand me better than anyone. Hang on to your beliefs.