24 August 2009

Starting off the stressful week.

Back back back!

If you haven't already figured this out, We don't post on Saturday's and Sunday's, because that's family time.

And, yes, I can tell the week is already going to be stressful...what's new?

I found a pretty little quote in Lit class today and the rest just kind of formed. See what you think. And if you get it.

Some say Money buys Love...but I say that Love buys Money...

Get it?
People say that Money...can be happiness...and love. By buying certain gifts.
But I say, Love buys money...because love is like a ton of money...you need to earn it.. and you need to willing SHARE it.
Now it makes more sense I hope....


  1. If you show me a man with a meager lifestyle that is surrounded by those he loves, and who love him, and I will show you a man that is rich beyond anything money can buy.