17 August 2009


They can just pop up, with the sight of the littlest things.

Just like Friday night, I was spending the night with GS, and had put on a mud mask, when, whaddya know? Memory.

Summer 2004,

KY(my cousin,who's expecting), and I had just finished applying mud-masks, and were waiting for them to dry, and had wandered into the living room to see what GS was up too, and were captivated(after scaring her, and Max{the dog in her posts, this was before Maggie} by the sound of slow, romantic music coming from the T.V. She decided we were all going to try to slow dance...3 people...didn't turn out so good, but it was all in good fun. Then, we switched the music to the 70's, and she proceeded to teach us how to dance,...the shimmy. For those of you who do not know what the shimmy is, it's a dance, with movements...like so... and do, remember...we were trying to do this dance at like...8 and 11...so we weren't "developed" and found it very hard. And, if you could have looked into her window you would have seen 3 girls, attempting to "shimmy" with long tee-shirts on, hair pulled back, and green & blue mud on their faces...what a sight. But the memories, will last forever.



  1. Yes,those are perfect memories and they will last forever for me too. Great Post! But I do think we done a better job than the video,don't you!LOL

  2. What I wouldn't give for pictures of that.......